Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Mystic’s Calling

Snow Blowing
A mystic is called to come into an intimate relationship with divinity. A calling is not a job, a career, or an occupation, but a pursuit that transcends ordinary life. Your soul becomes a channel for grace. This changes everything, and it changes nothing.…[Y]ou have a passion to be congruent, to have your instincts, conscience, intuitive guidance, and mystical relationship to God exist in harmony. You may live a perfectly ordinary life in the world, but your interior life is anything but ordinary. You continue your external life, but on the inside you are awakened, fearless, conscious, a resource for others. Caroline Myss Entering the Castle Page 78
A mystic does not call attention to herself by looking or acting differently from any other person in this world. A mystic’s life will look like any other ordinary life. She may have a regular job, she may be a stay-at-home mum, or she may be in a creative field.
A mystic’s external life will be lived in a normal everyday way; but a mystic’s interior life is in constant relationship with God. Everything she does is done in harmony with God’s presence in her life.
People sense something different about such a person—a mystic—they may feel at peace, secure, and understood in her presence though they may not know why because she seems so ordinary on the outside.
Polish Salt Mine Entrance
Like the Polish salt mine, which looks unspectacular in its external building and entrance way, it reveals unsuspected treasures, beauty, and hidden glory in its internal depths.
Chapel in Polish Salt Mine
Such is the life of a mystic.
© Judith Lawrence

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