Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Relentless Soul

Winter Stroll
The soul is a relentless companion. It never rests in seeking its freedom and voice. It will do what it has to do to release your physical body, your mind, and your emotions from the debris of untruths and self-deception that keep you chained and unable to see your purpose. People often wonder why their spiritual lives began with an illness or a life trauma; illnesses and life crises are often the ways the soul finally gets through to you to take charge of you life. Caroline Myss Entering the Castle Page 77
When we can no longer depend upon ourselves or upon our significant other to get through the day due to illness or loss we have to find some other way. When there is no one who is able to support us from family or friends then we have to depend upon strangers or government agencies to care for us physically.
Milky Way over Jackson Lake
When we are physically dependent on others, we are released from constant concern and anxiety about our physical needs—we no longer have to worry about what to do next for it will be done (or not done) by someone else who has taken charge of us.
This leaves us free to take care of our spiritual needs; we may begin to pray to God, to listen to our soul, or to take a look at our lives as we have lived them, giving thanks for what we have been given and asking for forgiveness for sins from our past. We have time to examine our spiritual lives and time for oneness with God.
This is one of the ways in which our spiritual lives may get a chance to begin and this chance is given us through the efforts of our relentless soul.
© Judith Lawrence

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