Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Pilgrim

Sun Rise
As a new pilgrim on the path of the soul, you progress in stages…[P]rayer becomes the means through which you let love flow through your soul and into the world. …Always the goal remains the same: to stretch the soul in preparation for becoming a container of divine love in the world. P.82/83 Entering the Castle Caroline Myss
It does not matter how far we are into the Christian life, whether we came to it yesterday or whether we were born into it, each day we are new pilgrims. We begin each day journeying anew towards God, discovering new spiritual joys, new understanding of  the divine love—that God’s love never ceases, never comes to an end, and that it is new every morning.
Journeying by Stages
So the discovery and spiritual journey continues in stages. As Abram continued his journey from the Negeb in stages, so we continue our journey to God in stages, sometimes repeating the journey many times over. We recommit our lives to God as we grow and find new meaning in our spiritual lives.
[Abram] journeyed on by stages from the Negeb as far as Bethel, to the place where his tent had been at the beginning, to the place where he had made an altar at the first. Gen 13: 3, 4
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Peter Black said...

Judith, I've caught up on this and a number of earlier posts. You offer much to stimulate thought-provoking and heart-searching.
Life as a Christian believer is indeed a journey and should be one of ongoing discovery and ever-increasing closeness to God. The paradoxical truth is that "in Christ" we are already there, with Him in God, seated in Heavenly places.
Problem is, we tend not to live there in our earthly lives from day to day; and so, my thought is that this human side of the equation is where the journey towards God -- even as a believer -- comes in.