Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Toward Transformation

Womb of the Morning Celtic Knotwork J. Lawrence

Questioning your life purpose invites the divine to come closer, to pull you inward so that you can hear direction and revelation. It alters your relationship to yourself as well as to God, placing the journey of your soul at the forefront of your life path and making ego its servant.…[Y]our personal transformation will be dragged from inner chaos to a still point. Paradoxically, your soul thrives on chaos because it recognizes the hand of the divine at work in upheavals that push you toward transformation. Caroline Myss Entering the Castle P. 77
Am I still questioning my life purpose? Has my life purpose not already been revealed? Am I still to seek direction and revelation?
I should surely know by now that life purpose is not a once and for all decision of what to do with my life as it refers to vocation. Life purpose is the ongoing journey of my soul, opening me to continual transformation toward becoming who God wants me to be; transforming me to the spiritual being who is one with God; ever proceeding on that journey, which is my transformation into oneness with the divine.
The glorious chaos that brings all new life into being brings about the spiritual new life in us; continually transforming us into the spiritual beings who are united with the Sacred One.
As God created the earth out of a formless void, so the Creator slowly creates us from the foetus, which began its life in our mother’s womb, and brings us into spiritual beings full of light, life, and love.
© Judith Lawrence

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