Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Qualities of the Soul

Rain on the Pond
The soul is a vessel of power.…You uncover the different qualities of power that each soul contains, all of which the individual needs to explore and refine, including humility, dignity, integrity, honor, wisdom, justice, harmony, and endurance. These qualities enable a soul to discover his own divinity and consequently, to embody the qualities of light essential to an experience of God. A soul with these characteristics is strong enough to be in direct contact with God—it is a soul with stamina. Caroline Myss Entering the Castle Page 57
The soul is inherently powerful. When we are born on earth the soul is already equipped with qualities of spiritual power. But we, as human beings, have to discover these qualities which make up the essence of our soul’s being.
We need to supply the soul with a regular daily quiet time of solitude where it can reunite itself to the Sacred One so that its inner qualities can grow in divine strength and function in its role as spiritual guide as we navigate through our humanity and increase in our spiritual growth.
This is the way in which we evolve toward the next stage of human development, adapting and growing in our spirituality with help from our soul’s increasing spiritual strength. Our soul and our humanity must cooperate with one another in order to become this new spiritual person.
© Judith Lawrence

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