Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Surrendering to God

Dark Entrance to Cave

God’s message in the story of Job is that heaven has a design and plan far greater than what can be shown to any human being. All that is within the vast scope of creation has a purpose known to God, including each human life. Job’s falling to his knees [Job 40:3-5; 42:1-6] symbolizes the mystical act of surrender we all must make in order to trust God’s plan for us within the vast scheme of creation.…[Y]ou must reach the stage of spiritual maturity where you surrender to God. Caroline Myss Entering the Castle Page 55
We, indeed, do not know and cannot understand the plan God has for each one of us. When things go well for us (as we see it), we give thanks to God; we laugh, sing, and go about our day with great joy. When things go against what we had hoped for in our lives what will we do then? Will we still be able to give thanks to God? Will we still trust and have faith in God that all is for the best? How will we react if our hopes and dreams take an unexpected turn into a life of illness, loss, or poverty?
The world does not revolve around us as individuals. Yes, it matters to God what happens to each one of us so as to bring each of us to a good spiritual outcome; but this may involve events coming upon us that will challenge our belief in God as a God of love if we should get a dread disease, or if our spouse leaves us, or if any other apparently adverse thing happens to us.
In order to get our attention on our spiritual well-being we sometimes have to experience things that will bring us back to God. If bad things happen to us, the question should be asked, “What does God want to show us through this situation?” The answer may not come to us immediately but, as we go through a difficult and challenging time we should be ever watchful for what God wants to teach us that will open our eyes and hearts and assist us to surrender our wills to God.
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