Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Mystic’s Life

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The mystic’s life is disciplined but, oddly enough, not complicated. The contemporary mystic responds to his soul’s call to become an effective force in the world. His theology maintains divine intimacy through prayer and contemplation, through living a spiritually congruent life, and through being a living channel for grace in whatever earthly capacity he is called to serve. The contemporary mystic is called upon to live as an invisible power…and make a difference. A mystic recognizes that his good works are connections to the goodness and love of God, extensions of God. Caroline Myss Entering the Castle Page 47
One has to continually learn how to recognize the soul’s voice within. One needs to listen carefully, to stay in a place of silence and listen with the ears of a mystic in order to know and hear the voice of the soul, the spiritual essence of one’s inner being, the God-essence of one’s life.
Before we came to earth we already existed in our soul-essence; and now that we live here on earth we exist in our outward, physical bodies while our actual beings exist as our internal soul-essence; and when we die to our earthly life we will lose our physical outward bodies and once again exist totally in our soul-essence.
Day Lily
We are the same beings whether clothed with an outward physical body or not but sometimes we lose the memory of our actual living being, which is spiritual, God-centred, and soul-essenced. Earthly life gives our beings—our souls—the opportunity to grow in grace and share God’s grace with the world.
Our physical body clothes and disguises the inward soul so that it can function invisibly as God’s power, goodness, and love in the world bringing God’s healing power to all who are in need.
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Judith Lawrence said...

Peter Black sent this comment to me through e-mail.
Judith, thank you for this fine meditation. I also read and appreciated your previous post.
As a Christian believer, I find that the yearning for the deeper life, centred on Christ in God, draws me back.
Of course, I realize the need for a drawing back is also an indication of the tendency to move off-centre.
I'm truly grateful for the goodness and patience of Father God, who reaches out continually with open arms to welcome us (er, read "me") back into His embrace.

Judith Lawrence said...

Thanks Peter. It's always good to hear your take on what I have written in these weekly posts. God, indeed, is very patient with us and, as you say, welcomes us with open arms.
Blessings, Judith