Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Silence in your Spiritual Life

Quiet Countryside Home

In silence you can hear your soul’s guidance. Of course, an observation of complete silence is simply not realistic in the world today, but a practice of silence in your spiritual life is both realistic and essential.…
Hold the grace within you. Let it penetrate deeply into your soul, your cell tissue, your thoughts, your memories, your fears. Allow grace to expand your soul as only it can.…
Contain your experience with the divine so that it does not escape you but rather reshape you. Caroline Myss Entering the Castle Page 38
In order for the soul to make itself heard it is necessary for us to have a span of silence in our lives. Silence for most people is not their overriding environment. Perhaps for those living in rural areas, on farms, or in small villages there may be a surrounding quiet with the only sounds being of birdsong that enhance rather than disturb the peacefulness; but, for many, their homes and businesses are filled with all-pervasive noise—loud music, motor cars, shrill voices, ringing telephones, and much more.
Because of this noisy environment it is important that we put some time aside for a space of silence to allow our soul to be heard. The soul will not shout to get our attention so we have to consciously give ourselves a time for quiet when we can listen for and get to know our soul’s voice when it speaks to us.
For me, I find the best time is early morning before the rest of the household gets going, before I become involved in the day’s planned events, before the night’s quiet has left my body, mind, and spirit and escaped into my life of activity. This is the time when my spirit is most able to hear the soul’s voice and God’s message for my life.
© Judith Lawrence


Janis Cox said...

This is exactly how I feel. So important.
When I was away on my mission trip the only silent times I found were during our group prayer time (while we listened before someone spoke), on my walks by myself (few) and on the plane coming and going.
It is great to be back into daily listening.

Judith Lawrence said...

Thanks for your comment, Jan. So good to hear from you Glad you were able to get some quiet time while you were in Poland but I'm sure it is good to get back in your Canadian routine of morning quiet once more. Sometimes, getting away from our usual practice of quiet makes us appreciate it so much more.
Blessings, Judith