Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Grace of Creation

Summer Pathway

When we are afraid to begin [our creativity], it is always because we are afraid we are alone. …But we are not alone. God is present everywhere. The act of making art is a direct path to contact with God, and we do not need to travel any geographic or psychic distance to experience the grace of creation in the grace of our own creating. Julia Cameron, Walking in This World Page 21
When we are practicing our art—writing, book-binding, Celtic Knotwork—whatever it may be, we are connecting to God, walking to God, on a direct path.
When we practise our creativity we experience the grace of God’s creation in the grace of our own creating.
God is the Great Creator and God gives to us the gift of creativity. God wants us to share with him and our fellow human beings, the great joy the gift of creativity affords in our lives.
Those who make heavy weather of their creativity have not fully accepted the gift of creativity given to them. God desires us to delight in our ability to create and when we take on our creativity with reluctance, misgiving, or a heavy heart it is as if we are rejecting God’s gift to us.
So lose the attitude of guilt, reluctance, or unworthiness when practising your creative gift; take up your creative bent with whole-hearted joy, reverence, and gratitude, Experience the grace of creation in the grace of your own creating.
© Judith Lawrence

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