Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Conduit for the Great Creator

When we express our creativity, we are a conduit for the Great Creator to explore, express, and expand its divine nature and our own.…We do not live or create in isolation. Each of us is part of a greater whole and, as we agree to express ourselves, we agree to express the larger Self that moves through us all. Page 26, Walking in This World, by Julia Cameron.
Not only does the Great Creator continue his work of creation in the universe every moment of time, he also gives each one of us the gift of creativity thus allowing us to be conduits for his further work of creation through our willingness to “explore, express, and expand its divine nature”.
It is important that we recognize the creative gifts God has given to us and use them in such a way as to give glory to God. Whether we are writers, painters, or sculptors and fashion great works of art or whether we knit, sew, or bake cookies for our families, our creativity will express glory to the Great Creator if all is done in love and honour.
How wonderful it is to know that our small creations are a part of God’s own creativity and that by being faithful in pursuing the gift God gave us we serve as conduits for the Source of all creativity.
© Judith Lawrence

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