Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Meeting our Creator through Creativity

As we go within, we discover that we are not alone there. The loneliness we fear finding in art is actually the loneliness of disconnecting ourselves from our creativity and our creator. As we try our hand literally at the making of something, we do meet our maker. As me try to make more and more, more and more is made of us and through us. Julia Cameron Walking in This World Page 5
You will hear many writers say that writing is a lonely business. I have to say that I do not find it so. Perhaps it is because I like the solitary life that I do not find being an author a lonely life.
If one is to do one’s best writing one needs to be alone. Having a lot of people around when one is trying to concentrate on writing a chapter of a book or a paragraph of an article distracts one from the task at hand.
The task at hand of making art needs our full attention as well as our joining with our Creator in prayerful partnership. It is much more difficult to connect with God and our creativity if we have to attend to the needs of others while we are trying to attend to our creative work whether it be writing, painting, or needlepoint.
When we allow ourselves to be alone and not think of it as being lonely, we can tune into our creative work and be at one with our Creator.
© Judith Lawrence

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