Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Listening to the Still Small Voice

Quiet Pathway in June
We are made by the Great Creator and we are intended to be creative ourselves. As we seek to cooperate with that intention, the still, small voice that all spiritual paths speak of becomes an ever more present reality. When we “go within,” there is someone or something there to meet us and it is not mute as to our identity. Julia Cameron. Walking in This World Page 39
Those of us who try to practice contemplation and go within to the deepest part of ourselves where our soul is one with God will hear, or see, or know the presence of our Great Creator.
We will be given guidance as to what God wants us to do—our identity and calling will be made clear to us, not necessarily in words but, perhaps, by an overall sensation of what we are intended to do.
Those of us who are writers may be called to various branches of this calling within the all encompassing call of writing as our creativity given to us by God. Some mornings as I practice my quiet time with God I find myself called to write a poem, sometimes God gives me an insight for a blog to write on this site, at other times I get an idea for a monthly meditation on my website. 
Listening to the still, small voice is very important and this means finding a time and space to meet with God daily.
© Judith Lawrence


Jan Cox said...

I don't think there is a better time of day - than the time in the morning with God.

Judith Lawrence said...

Yes, I love my quiet time in the morning with God. It just seems to start the day off right,
Blessings, Judith

Peter Black said...

So true.
My wife and I normally share together a time of devotional reading and prayer each morning, and conclude the day with a briefer prayer time.
We each try to have a more indepth quiet time individually. (That latter time doesn't always happen when a 5:45AM rise and grankid care is called for!)
I find it takes me some time to quiet all the bizz crowding the consciousness, in order to focus on the Lord.

Judith Lawrence said...

Peter. How lovely to share a devotional time with your wife each morning! Beginning each day together with one another and God must bring the love of God into your home so surely. Blessings, Judith