Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Transformation Comes to us when we are Ready to Transform

Red Caterpillar

It is a spiritual law that when we are ready to transform, transformation will come to us. We are all conduits for a great creative energy that seeks expression in us and through us. When we yearn to be different, it is not just our restless ego. It is our accurate response to the creative energy within us that is seeking a new venue for expression. We are all creative and we are, in turn, creations. Just as we get restless to make something new, so, too, our creator may be restless to make something new from us. …We slip gently and quietly into a series of changes that we may set in motion through our own hand but experience as the hand of the Great Creator working through us. Julia Cameron, Walking in This World Page 49

Butterfly Transformed from Caterpillar

I wind silk around my being,
Silk spun from my own inner self,
I bind myself in darkness,
To be transformed into a new being
Of light and freedom.
I am becoming a winged creature,
A being capable of spiritual flight
Into the rarer atmosphere,
Nearer to the Creator of life.
I learn to temper the once
Destructive powers of my will,
Binding them with silken bonds
In the dark, silent cocoon.
In the quiet darkness
My being is transformed;
In the silken, gold-glittered,
Chrysalis, hidden and
Protected ’neath my Creator’s hand.
Slow is the secret process within;
So much to be done; change
Cannot be rushed, if beauty
Is to be the new being’s end result—
If my transformed being,
My freed, winged being,
Is to be revealed, soaring
In rarefied air
To the glory of God.
© Judith Lawrence

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cooperating with the Great Creator

We are spiritual beings, and when our spirit grows larger, so must we. There will be no comfortable resting in yesterday’s definition of ourselves. It is spiritual law that as the Great Creator is always exploring, experiencing, and expanding through its creations, we must cooperate or feel the pitch of spiritual dis-ease. We can try to play small, but if the universe has big plans for us, we are better off cooperating than resisting. Creativity is God’s true nature and our own. As we surrender to becoming as large as we are meant to be, great events can come to pass for us and countless others. In a sense, the size the Great Creator makes of us is none of our business. We work on art and we are the Great Creator’s work of art. Perhaps we shouldn’t meddle. Julia Cameron, Walking in This World   Page 45
As the fruit of the spirit grows and matures in our lives so does the art of the spirit. We tend to make ourselves out to be smaller than we should—smaller than God calls us to be—thinking that to down play our talents and gifts is a virtue. We think that we are practicing humility by making less of our creative gifts than they are worth. This is not right. This makes us ungrateful for the gifts we have been given by the Creator.
God gives us immeasurable gifts and amazing talents. In order to honour the Creator we need to reach beyond where we are now, practicing and expanding the gifts we have been given, so that we make the most of our gifts and use them for the glory of God.
Let us always look towards trying our best with what God has given us so that we can thank God for our creative talents and show forth our praise of the Great Creator.
© Judith Lawrence

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Listening to the Still Small Voice

Quiet Pathway in June
We are made by the Great Creator and we are intended to be creative ourselves. As we seek to cooperate with that intention, the still, small voice that all spiritual paths speak of becomes an ever more present reality. When we “go within,” there is someone or something there to meet us and it is not mute as to our identity. Julia Cameron. Walking in This World Page 39
Those of us who try to practice contemplation and go within to the deepest part of ourselves where our soul is one with God will hear, or see, or know the presence of our Great Creator.
We will be given guidance as to what God wants us to do—our identity and calling will be made clear to us, not necessarily in words but, perhaps, by an overall sensation of what we are intended to do.
Those of us who are writers may be called to various branches of this calling within the all encompassing call of writing as our creativity given to us by God. Some mornings as I practice my quiet time with God I find myself called to write a poem, sometimes God gives me an insight for a blog to write on this site, at other times I get an idea for a monthly meditation on my website. 
Listening to the still, small voice is very important and this means finding a time and space to meet with God daily.
© Judith Lawrence

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Conduit for the Great Creator

When we express our creativity, we are a conduit for the Great Creator to explore, express, and expand its divine nature and our own.…We do not live or create in isolation. Each of us is part of a greater whole and, as we agree to express ourselves, we agree to express the larger Self that moves through us all. Page 26, Walking in This World, by Julia Cameron.
Not only does the Great Creator continue his work of creation in the universe every moment of time, he also gives each one of us the gift of creativity thus allowing us to be conduits for his further work of creation through our willingness to “explore, express, and expand its divine nature”.
It is important that we recognize the creative gifts God has given to us and use them in such a way as to give glory to God. Whether we are writers, painters, or sculptors and fashion great works of art or whether we knit, sew, or bake cookies for our families, our creativity will express glory to the Great Creator if all is done in love and honour.
How wonderful it is to know that our small creations are a part of God’s own creativity and that by being faithful in pursuing the gift God gave us we serve as conduits for the Source of all creativity.
© Judith Lawrence

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Grace of Creation

Summer Pathway

When we are afraid to begin [our creativity], it is always because we are afraid we are alone. …But we are not alone. God is present everywhere. The act of making art is a direct path to contact with God, and we do not need to travel any geographic or psychic distance to experience the grace of creation in the grace of our own creating. Julia Cameron, Walking in This World Page 21
When we are practicing our art—writing, book-binding, Celtic Knotwork—whatever it may be, we are connecting to God, walking to God, on a direct path.
When we practise our creativity we experience the grace of God’s creation in the grace of our own creating.
God is the Great Creator and God gives to us the gift of creativity. God wants us to share with him and our fellow human beings, the great joy the gift of creativity affords in our lives.
Those who make heavy weather of their creativity have not fully accepted the gift of creativity given to them. God desires us to delight in our ability to create and when we take on our creativity with reluctance, misgiving, or a heavy heart it is as if we are rejecting God’s gift to us.
So lose the attitude of guilt, reluctance, or unworthiness when practising your creative gift; take up your creative bent with whole-hearted joy, reverence, and gratitude, Experience the grace of creation in the grace of your own creating.
© Judith Lawrence