Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Times of Doubt and Drought

Snow storm in April
Creativity is a spiritual issue, and…the creative life features the same spiritual obstacles as any other spiritual path. The phrase “dark night of the soul” has gained common usage, and we think of it as it applies to the harrowing periods of doubt and drought that may come to someone on their spiritual quest.
Spiritual seekers of all stripes endure its painful ravages…artists are spiritual seekers, and we frequently suffer the dark night of the soul regarding our creative calling. Julia Cameron, Page 191, Walking in This World
At times, when artists take up the tools of their creativity they find themselves facing a period of doubt or drought in their ability to produce the next step in their current project.
Writers may be stymied in where their story should go next; oil painters may not be able to decide what colour they should choose for the next stroke of the brush; a wood carver may be unable to get the eye of the blue jay just right.
It feels as if their talent has deserted them—they are unable to interpret the next step on their spiritual path; they are facing their own dark night of the soul.
When this happens the artist can only wait until the time of doubt and drought pass them by. It is no good berating themselves for their inability to take the next step in their creativity. This is a time for the artist to stop and stare at the beauty around them; this is a time to wait upon the Creator to give them their next step; this is the time to contemplate the Creator and Giver of all things—to wait and see what wondrous gift will be given to them when the time of doubt and drought is passed.
© Judith Lawrence


Sulo Moorthy said...

A great topic to write a blog on. For many who are on spiritual thirst, it's an eye opener. Had been there. Thanks for your posting

Judith Lawrence said...

Sulo, Thank you for your comment. It is so good to get feed back and read what others have gone through. Judith