Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gateways to the Divine


Each of us carries an inner capacity for awe. One of us will be wonder-struck by a musical sequence. Another of us is rendered humble and serene by the sight of a butterfly’s wing. Each one of these gateways to the divine is there waiting for us to use it to make contact. There are some things that make us happy, some things that we love. For this reason, we say, “God is in the details.” Each of us experiences the touch of the Great Creator when we allow ourselves to touch upon something that we love. Julia Cameron Walking in This World Page 270/271
Seeing the new spring shoots coming up out of the cold winter ground so recently covered with snow gives us hope of new life, new birth. Warmed by the sun, the first crocuses open their blooms in colours of purple, yellow, and white. This is truly amazing! Though I’ve seen it all before, I cannot help but be amazed by the awesome creation of God, and I give a heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving to God.
Coming at a time so close to Easter and our annual reflection on the resurrection of Christ from the dead, these first spring flowers rising through the brown earth give us reassurance of the hope that is ours through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ that we, too, will rise to a new birth and life in the hereafter.
God gives us so many gateways through which we may glimpse his divinity—the transformation of caterpillar to butterfly; the returning birds building their nests, laying their eggs, nurturing their brood while giving up all thought of their own needs; the seeds of vegetables planted in the garden and providing a hundred-fold of produce for us to eat—all this and much more gives us the knowledge that God is the great provider of sustenance for the earth and all creation.
God’s grace and beauty is everywhere if we open our eyes and hearts to see and believe.
© Judith Lawrence

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