Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seeing God with the Eye of the Soul

Let all that I am wait quietly before God. Ps 62:5a
In bringing my whole being—all that I am—before God and waiting quietly, I can begin to see beyond surface seeing: I can begin to see with the eye of the soul. In contemplation, the eye of the soul sees beyond the surface; it sees with depth and height; in breadth and length; out to the horizon and beyond where prayer is not trapped in a box of our conformity. The eye of the soul sees with unpredictability; it sees God untamed by human images; it sees God in out of the ordinary reflections. The eye of the soul sees things in the wild, in the wilderness, and beyond the ordinary, where wild creatures, blossoms, and ideas are seen through God’s amazing freedom, in all the Creator’s beauty and generosity. P.12 Highway of Holiness: Soul Journey, by Judith Lawrence
Hold a small pebble, a small flower, or a small leaf in your hands. Concentrate the eye of your soul on this small creation by God. Concentrate all that you are on this small creation and see God in all God’s beauty, love, generosity, and glorious humility. Just wait quietly and see God’s humble power in this glorious one-of-a-kind creation. Know that God made you with this same one-of-a-kind creativity and give thanks for the sacredness with which you are blessed. 
c Judith Lawrence 

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