Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Unique Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is unique to each one of us and cannot be compared to or measured alongside another’s growth. God is not looking for conformity but a special, one-of-a-kind relationship with each individual. Judith Lawrence Highway of Holiness: Soul Journey, P. 17
Each one of us is an individual; physically, mentally, and spirituality we are each different from one another. Even though we may compete with one another in our physical and mental fields, in our spiritual side each one of us is precious in God’s sight and should own our own God-given uniqueness and that of others; our spiritual growth is individual and unique and there can be no competition between us, no vying for God’s attention over another’s relationship with God; each one of us is as important to God as is the next person.
God desires a bond with each human being on the earth; God desires a relationship with each one of us; God loves us each one. God created us and formed us in our mother’s womb and desires that we would search after God and our special relationship with the Sacred One, not trying to conform to others or vie with others to appear better in God’s eyes than the next spiritual being.
© Judith Lawrence


Peter Black said...

Judith, I hadn't realized till today how long it was since I checked in on your blog, and so I read a number of your back posts. Very enriching. This one has a significant message. I suspect that some of us harbour the thought that we are special in God's eyes -- special in the sense of being more special to God than other people. You set that straight here in a beautiful way.

Judith Lawrence said...

Peter, Thanks so much for taking a look at my blog. I think most of us get, from time to time, overwhelmed with trying to keep up with all the blogs we'd like to look at. It is enough that we check in once in a while to the many blogs with their many interesting and helpful ideas. I look in at yours about every month and read your very thoughtful writings. Blessings