Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Drawn to God

To say that God is Infinite is to say that He may be apprehended and described in an infinity of ways. The Circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere, may be approached from every angle with a certainty of being found.
So says, Evelyn Underhill in her book, Mysticism, P. 163
Draw me, we will run after thee. Song of Solomon 1:4a (King James’ Version)
God draws us to himself, even when we are only just beginning on the path of mystical prayer. God desires us to know him and, because each one of us is different, we can “run after God” in our own unique way and unite with God in our own unique union with the Sacred One.
The circle and circumference of God’s being is vast, in fact, it is infinite; the centre of God’s circle is where God desires each one of us to be—it is our spiritual home.
We do not have to be all the same. God does not require us, nor even want us, to be the same as one another. God delights in diverse responses and relationships with his creatures. As no two woodpeckers have exactly the same red markings on the back of their heads, and no two snowflakes have exactly the same pattern as any other snowflake, so it is with spiritual/human beings—no two have exactly the same makeup or the same relationship with God. Each one of us is created by God to be unique and therefore each one’s bond with the Sacred One is delightfully different and special from any other.
Perhaps even God would get bored with his creation if we were carbon copies of one another.
© Judith Lawrence


jancoxabetterway said...

Very true, Judith. And as I teach Bible studies I try to stay away from saying: "do this". I try to say, "I do this. What do you you?"
We have to be careful not to create clones of each other.

Judith Lawrence said...

Thanks Jan, I think that this is what Carolyn Arends is saying in her TWG blog today, too.
Blessings, Judith