Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Free Access to our Souls

Dinas Lodge Entry Door

We have free access to [our souls] whenever we please. …All we have to do is be still and go within. Page 23, The Interior Castle St. Teresa of Avila, Translation by Mirabai Starr,
To go within, to enter the soul, the very essence of our being, which is deep within our very core, we enter through the door, which is Christ. We must cross the threshold of Christ; we need not hesitate at the threshold as if there is something to fear by entering our souls, for here, in the silence and stillness, we are at one with God.
Open Door in Summer
Christ himself tells us that he is the door or the gate where we may freely go in and out and find fresh pasture. We need not be afraid to follow him; he leads us on safe paths and shepherds us, taking care of each one of us. (John 10: 6-16)
We need to cultivate a time of silence and stillness through which we have ease of access to the open door of Christ. The time of silence and stillness generates in us a holy place and a reverence for God into whose presence we are entering.
© Judith Lawrence

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