Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Countless Signs of Love

One of a Kind Mushroom

The will, after seeing countless signs of love, inclines the soul to love in return. The will shows the soul that this is a Lover who will never leave her, that he walks with her always, giving her life and being. The intellect steps in to help the soul understand that she can never hope to have a better friend as long as she lives. P. 58 The Interior Castle St. Teresa of Avila, translation by Mirabai Starr
A person’s will, intellect, and soul work together in harmony to bring the knowledge of God’s love into a person’s being.
Red Light Flow
Gifts of Harvest
There are, St. Teresa tells us, countless signs of God’s love shown to us every day, reassuring us that God will never leave us—God walks beside us every step of the way; God gives us life and being; God dwells within us and we in God.
This does not mean that we won’t suffer difficulties but that God will be with us through all these difficulties, giving us strength, comfort, and support in whatever circumstance we find ourselves.
Our lives will not be that of constant difficulties. We will have ample experiences of joy and laughter, and throughout these happy times God will be with us, also—God shares our life whether our time is filled with sadness or joy, sickness or health, poverty or riches—God is our Lover and Friend, our constant Companion and Support.
It is through this realization of God’s complete love for us that we cannot help but love God in return.
© Judith Lawrence

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Peter Black said...

I had a lovely read of this past post, Judith.
Somewhere, buried in my unorganized library, I'm sure I have a copy of Teresa of Avila -- one of the many books I haven't yet read. Whether it's a translation of her work or a biography written about her, I won't know, till I come across it again.

By the way, gorgeous pictures -- especially The Gifts of Harvest fruit.