Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our Longing for the Divine

Alone with God

We cannot stop our longing for the quest for a deeper spiritual experience, because the attraction to the divine is the most basic force of our lives.…Traditional mystical instruction is far too extreme for ordinary individuals, yet it is we ordinary individuals who are now seeking a deeper path of divine expression. Caroline Myss Entering the Castle, P. 16
We came to earth with a promise to fulfil a divine mission—we were given a task to do and made a promise that we would do it here on earth. However, as time went along and we grew up in our various families, homes, and countries most of us probably forgot about the promise we made.
The soul is the keeper of the promise that we made and does not forget that promise. As opportunities present themselves to fulfil that promise the soul gives us reminders so that we are drawn to act in accordance to the promise that we made before coming to earth. Because we have long forgotten that promise made we may wonder why we are drawn to a certain spiritual way of life, to perform a particular act of kindness, or to behave in a better way that may seem contrary to our nature and upbringing.
Odessa Monastery
Deep down in our innermost being we long for a deeper spiritual experience, we seek our spiritual home, and we desire to be one with the divine. The soul leads us to that special place and, if we follow, we will be satisfied with the abundance of God’s love.
© Judith Lawrence

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