Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Moving Closer to God’s Intention

It is spiritual law that we are in the process of becoming what we already are—perfect creations of a perfect creator. This means that at our most awkward and ill at ease, we are still in divine order and moving ever closer to God’s intention. Faith in this process, a belief that we can change and still experience the unchanging support of the universe, is critical to any sense of comfort as we grow. Julia Cameron Walking in This World Page 51
When we see the art we do now, especially at the beginning of our lives of creativity, it is hard for us to imagine what we will be able to produce and what we, as spiritual persons, will be at the end of our lives here on earth; but what God intends that we should be are “perfect creations of a perfect creator”.
Learning to Walk
A baby at the beginning of her life is not expected to walk or provide her own nourishment and yet, as babies in our new-found creativity, whether writing or painting, whether crocheting or knitting, whatever our creative field may be, we often expect ourselves to be perfect immediately and are impatient with our beginner and imperfect status.
We are not perfect creations yet but we are in the process of becoming perfect creations. If we are imperfect in the beginnings of our creativity it is to be expected and is a necessary step on the way to becoming better. It is through recognizing imperfections and learning skills that will help us improve that we go through the process of becoming the person God intends us to be.
Celtic Knotwork by Judith Lawrence
In the non-linear and timeless world of eternity we already are perfect creations in God’s sight; but living in a world of time and step-by-step growth we are in the process of becoming those perfect creations of the perfect Creator.
© Judith Lawrence  

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