Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Making Something of Ourselves

Our inner world is a complex, exquisite, and powerful play of colors, lights, and shadows, a cathedral of consciousness as glorious as the natural world itself. This inner wealth is what the artist expresses.
The Great Creator lives within each of us. All of us contain a divine expressive spark, a creative candle intended to light our path and that of our fellows. We are shiny, not tarnished; large, not small; beautiful, not damaged—although we may be ignorant of our grace, power, and dignity.
The human being, by definition, is a creative being. We are intended to make things and, in the old phrase, to “make something of ourselves”. Julia Cameron, Walking in this World Page 57
When I close my eyes and allow myself to go into a contemplative mode, I often see coloured lights, flashes of purples, blues, greens, and yellows. I am amazed at the beauty of this internal wealth.
Coloured crayons
A few years ago, I had a bleed in one eye and I lost the sight in that eye for several months. I could see nothing outwardly but inwardly there was a whole world of movement and life going on. I could see little people jumping about on furniture, running and apparently laughing, though I couldn’t hear any sound; they seemed to be having a great time.
Though I was concerned that I would never regain my sight in that eye yet I couldn’t help but enjoy the constant entertainment this inner pageant gave me. This must have been the “divine expressive spark, the creative candle intended to light [my] path” that Julia Cameron speaks of.
It seems as if we are never alone, the Great Creator lives in us giving us grace, power, and dignity even in our most difficult times. God continues to create and grow within us and we must continue to create and make something of ourselves no matter what our circumstances.
© Judith Lawrence

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