Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Journey of the Soul

The journey of the soul begins with the daily attendance at private prayer. This is where the soul fills its pouch for the day’s travel and tops itself up for life’s pilgrimage. This is where the soul receives its spiritual food and drink for its daily strength and nourishment.

As in any physical pilgrimage one couldn’t get very far without rest, water, and food, so it is in the spiritual pilgrimage—one needs time to rest in God, and nourishment in the form of Bible reading and prayer.

It is best to make a regular time and place, if that is possible, for your prayer time with God. After a while, this routine time and place becomes a special part of your tryst with God, a time and place that you don’t want to miss, a time and place to which you look forward, and a time and place that builds a relationship between you and the Sacred One.


jancoxabetterway said...

My routine as well - just love my mornings. Helps me rise and great Him every day.

Judith Lawrence said...

Thanks, Jan. I agree that the morning routine with God makes my day.