Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Being a Mystic in an Everyday Life

Caroline Myss says, "We don't want to renounce family or friends. In short, we want to be mystics without monasteries." (Entering the Castle P. 14)

We want to pray; we want to be contemplatives; we want to be united with God, each in our own unique way, while still living in the world.

"They (contemplatives) are here," says Eckhart Tolle, "to generate consciousness through the activities of daily life, through their interactions with others as well as through 'just being'. . . . Their task is to bring spacious stillness into the world by being absolutely present in whatever they do. There is consciousness and therefore quality in what they do, even the simplest task. Their purpose is to do everything in a sacred manner." (A New Earth P. 307)

What I write here in this blog is for the purpose of sharing with readers a way of living and praying the contemplative Christian life without it being necessary to enter a convent or leave your everyday life.

I will also expand on what I have written in my newest spiritual book, Highway of Holiness: Soul Journey.


Peter Black said...

This first post is very interesting.
I trust that as you write future posts here your readers will be brought into a deeper and closer walk with God.

Judith Lawrence said...

Thank you, Peter, for being the first to post a comment to my new blog. I did leave a comment for you yesterday but my internet connection is not sure it wants to work at present. So I will see if it will stay today. I greatly appreciate your comments and say Amen to your prayer.