Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Contemporary Mystic

Two-fold Pathway
The contemporary mystic is called to represent an invisible power in the world through a personal spiritual practice, through the power of prayer, through living consciously and practicing compassion, and through becoming a channel for grace.…A mystic without a monastery serves visibly in his or her personal life, among friends, family, co-workers, strangers, and adversaries, and invisibly through prayer and channeling grace into the greater world. Caroline Myss Entering the Castle page 29
The contemporary mystic is called to a two-fold way of life. Firstly, she must live a life of daily personal prayer and secondly, emanating from the power of that prayer she will carry on her spiritual practice by living a conscious life of sharing God’s grace and compassion in the world.
Without the daily spiritual practice of getting in touch with the Sacred One, the mystic will not be able to carry through with channeling God’s grace as she lives and works among her daily contacts.
Even those who live a cloistered life in a monastery or convent cannot avoid the second part of a mystic’s responsibilities. Monks and nuns, however desirous they are of wanting only to be with God in prayer, have responsibilities to those with whom they live and work—prayer life generates, receives, and overflows with grace, which emanates into the world and touches those who are near and far, seen and unseen.
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