Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Creativity as a Spiritual Experience

Composition for Classical Guitar by Morton Lawrence

What if creativity itself is, as our creative ancestors taught us, actually a spiritual experience, a way to touch the divine and allow it to touch us?…
We are an expression of the Great Creator, and we in turn are intended to create. It is not mere ego but our divine birthright to create. Julia Cameron Walking in This World Page 231
Many of the great composers—Brahms, Beethoven, Hayden—claimed that their music came to them from the divine. As they listened to God in the quiet they claimed to hear the Creator’s music and wrote down the notes that they heard. Living a spiritual life they were open to God within their souls; they were able to touch the divine in their spiritual encounters and thus could hear the music of the Creator and write it down for others to hear God’s creative music also.
The act of creativity is a spiritual experience, a spiritual endeavour, and a spiritual expression. Whether we are writers, composers, or artists we need to be open to listen to God the creator. It is in the quiet openness to the Spirit of God that we can receive the gift of creativity in whatever form God chooses to bless us.
It is up to us to be open to God’s spiritual gift, receive that gift, and use that gift to the glory of God and for the welfare of others on this earth.
© Judith Lawrence

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Judith Lawrence said...

I have copied a comment from Peter Black as he was unable to get it accepted on this page. Peter said: These writings on creativity accord well with what I've come to see and experience, myself. A number of the praise and worship songs I was privileged to compose during my last pastoral charge were conceived and birthed following seasons of prayer on Saturday evenings alone (with God) in the church sanctuary.
Thank you for sharing your gifts of insight and inspiration.