Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Birth of God within Us

If I understand what Meister Eckhart says, the birth of God within us, within our souls, needs our passivity. No amount of our doing, asking, or pleading for God’s birth within us makes any difference; only our total passivity—being quiet in our inner selves—allows God to be born within us.

The Holy Spirit needs us to be quiet and waiting, in order for the divine being to come and reside within our souls. It is through our daily waiting in stillness, quiet, and silence that the divine will be born in us. It is not of our doing that God comes to us, but of our waiting. Even when we withdraw from the world and wait for God, it is still God’s doing whereby God is born in us.

God searches us out and knows us. God comes to us, and we allow God’s coming by our passivity. The Holy Spirit moves the waters of our passivity so that God is born within our souls. In our silent waiting God comes to us.

The divine seed is born within the soul and matures in holiness through the breath of the Holy Spirit. The daily silence is important and should not be rushed or hastened but peaceful and calm. In order to hear the voice of God we must be still, quiet, peaceful, and attentive.

In the morning stillness God’s presence is to be found. Too much hustle and bustle, too many things to do, or too many people around, gives rise to the divine life not being consummated within us. God desires to be with us. Time must be put aside for quiet where God can come and be born in us.

Lord, I desire to know your sweet presence within my soul; I am yours. Unite yourself with me; be born in me that I can be holy as you are holy.

©Judith Lawrence
First Published as Meditation for February 2011

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